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What Are The Benefits Of Galvanised Steel Guttering

What Are The Benefits Of Galvanised Steel Guttering

Galvanised steel guttering is the most popular choice with commercial builders and self-build homeowners around the United Kingdom. This metal guttering offers both strength and durability and style and low maintenance and has a range of advantages over plastic and iron. So why should you invest in galvanised steel guttering?

How Durable Is Steel Guttering?

Colour Clad Profiles provide galvanised steel guttering for both self-builders and commercial builders. Steel is an alloy material that can stand up to extreme durability, and when galvanised, it will become even more resistant to corrosion, meaning that your guttering can stand up to a lot more wear and tear.

Low Maintenance Guttering

Whilst metal guttering is certainly heavier than its plastic counterparts, it is no more difficult to install or maintain on your property. Colour Clad's steel gutters are in fact lighter than iron guttering, which is still a popular choice, but all our gutters are really easy to install and come to you with all the bits and pieces you will need for your project.

Rust Resistant Metal Guttering

Not all guttering is temperature-resistant, but metal guttering is resistant to expansion in extreme heat and temperatures, unlike a lot of other guttering types available in the UK. Galvanised steel won’t warp whether the weather is either hot or cold, and it won’t rust, meaning that you don’t have to worry about excessive rain damaging your guttering.

Architectural Steel Guttering

With its shiny, long-lasting finish, pur galvanised metal guttering can certainly enhance the look of your building. With plenty of finishes and colours metal guttering has never looked so good; and we also supply the fixtures and fittings which can be colour matched for a full galvanised roofline.

Eco Friendly Metal Gutters

The great thing about installing metal guttering that lasts a long time is that it’s extremely good for the environment. Steel is 100% recyclable too, so you won’t have to worry when you do replace it and that will a while before you must do that. To talk about our steel guttering ranges and options, please email info@colourcladprofiles.com or call 01278557002. Get In Touch
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