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Delivery and Collection Information

Here at Colour Clad Profiles, it is our mission to deliver high-quality roofing supplies to customers all over the country in order to help them complete their roofing projects to the best possible standard.
The safe, quick, and direct delivery of roofing materials is our top priority, and we pride ourselves on our reliable drivers and excellent customer service. 


Putting the customer first

Colour Clad Profiles makes sure that all of our deliveries are made by a single crew so that our customers know exactly who they’re dealing with and have a friendly face to meet upon arrival.
In some instances when large quantities of roofing sheets are purchased, our drivers can be on hand to help you unload the vehicle safely at no extra cost. 
A member from the Transport team will contact you with a delivery date for your roofing supplies so you’ll know exactly when to expect us. However, try as we might, sometimes the delivery date does carry over into the next day due to traffic and other issues beyond our control.

Keeping you safe 

During the COVID-19 pandemic, the Colour Clad Profiles team has been working hard to keep both our customers and our team safe. As a result, all of our deliveries are kerb-side only at the moment so as to minimise contact between individuals. 
Make sure you’re ready for us as a failure to unload the roofing materials you ordered from the vehicle after confirming the delivery date will make you subject to pay a re-delivery fee!


The right roofing supplies for the job

While we always strive for perfection among our orders and deliveries, sometimes things can go wrong.
We strongly advise you not to employ anyone to fit your roofing sheets and materials until we’ve delivered them to you and you’ve thoroughly checked them in their entirety. 
Due to factors outside of our control, delivery times are subject to change and delays can occasionally mean that your roofing materials may be delivered before or after the quoted time frame. 

Not to worry, though; we do always try everything we can to avoid any delays or mishaps in the delivery of your roofing sheets.

If you have any questions regarding the status of your delivery or roofing materials at large, get in touch with the Colour Clad Profiles team today by calling us on 01278 557002 or emailing us at